Dev Swaroop Gurudev RAJ KUMAR
Dev Swaroop Gurudev RAJ KUMAR


We provided mantra consultancy for your all types of problems.We provide mantra initiation For mantra sadhana. You can solve your problem by mantra chanting likes: to solve problems like marital problems, marriage of children, increasing debts, enemies, job,problems at work etc. disease, tantra problem, delay in marriage, education, rather one can also make spiritual achievements just by devoting only a hour or two daily. He knew that modern man has little time to spare. Hence he introduced the aspirant to quick acting rituals. Many Sadhaks thus went on to gain superb powers like clairvoyance, telepathy, hypnotism etc. Those who tried with devotion and dedication achieved hundred percent success. Thousands had the glimpse of their favourite deity.

We arrange different types of mantra discipline according to time and muhoorat and also gives initiation as per your wishes. You can know chakra discipline and its use in life. If you have any type of problem, write or email to us with these details e.g. name, mother's name & your wish. If you have any query about mantra,mantra healing and initiation please feel free to call us or write to our postal/email address
Ideally you should take Initiation from revered Gurudev in person. However, under exceptional circumstances (eg. if you aren't able to come to meet revered Gurudevs) you may take Initiation by photograph.If you want to discuss any problem, or need spiritual or material guidance,or want to take initiation,then you may meet the Revered Gurudevs.You may also meet them in the Discipline camps.The details of the Discipline camps and the meeting dates detailed in the monthly news letter.

(We need your these details e.g.name,mother's name & your problem.If you want to take diksha please send your postcard size photograph and your wish.If you have any query about mantra,mantra healing and initiation please feel free to call us or write to our postal/email address)

Please send an email to aksharmty@ymail.com for further details.

Comprehensive information on Disciplines, Initiation,Meditation, Astrology, and other eruditions is available on this website. You may also browse a list of commonly asked queries on Disciplines and other general information.

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